imagesWe stock a wide range of poultry feeds, including BOCM Farmgate, Fancy Feed, Smallholder Range and Organic Feed and Badminton Feeds. Within these brands we have mixed corn, layers pellets, layers mash, chick crumbs, growers pellets and breeder pellets.

We also stock Duck and waterfowl feeds and quail food, straight wheat and maize  and can get turkey food in to order.


We sell a huge range of poultry supplies, including bedding, feeders and drinkers, cleaning and husbandry items, wormers and in feed wormers, and health care products.

We sell a range of chickens and ducks, ranging from laying hens including Speckled Sussex to Cochins, Pekins and light sussex bantams. Most of our hens are pullets or point of lay hens, however we can supply younger chick and hatching eggs upon request.

Please phone to check availability.

01258 857278

Light Sussex Chicken For Sale

Light Sussex Chicken For Sale